Not So Spooky Farm – A Drive thru Adventure for all ages!

Follow the adventure of Stingy Jack from the safety of your own car. Stingy Jack was cursed to wander the earth with only his Jack O Lantern to light his way. After uncovering a map in a forgotten temple Stingy is now on a mission to uncover candy clues to get the fabled treasure of dread pirate Bluebeard. Will you face the dangers ahead to find the reward??

Our journey in 2020 has been full of loss and uncertainty, but in these strange times The Fright Farms creative team has been working overtime to build an immersive experience that will ensure that family fun will happen at our Covid-Safe Drive Through theme park.

How it works?

Once you arrive at the campus for your preselected timeslot, you will be placed into you adventure queue group. Arrive early to be sure to get your supplies and adventure kits for the ride. Four cars will embark on the journey every 5 minutes and follow Stingy Jack as he navigates the quest ahead. Your group QR code will unlock the narrative via your smart phone. Be sure to have a phone that easily connects to the car stereo for the best quality experience. Follow the signals from the Jack Mobile and put your car into park to watch each scene play out before your eyes and on your phone. Be prepared for thrills, excitement and surprises in an adventure that’s not so spooky for everyone!

Who We Are:

Our team of innovators have been working together since 2017 creating immersive experiences all around the US. The success of Candytopia opened our eyes to a much greater opportunity to bring narrative based entertainment to world. Fright Farms has evolved with the Coronavirus situation to make sure there is an opportunity for families to experience some fun out of the house in a totally safe way. With recent mandates banning Trick or Treating we wanted to offer something that would allow kids of all ages to still have a haunt in 2020.

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